Khambalpada Cemetery – Burial Service FAQ

1) The Khambalpada cemetery is available for all Christians of Dombivli

2) Infant Jesus Church parishioners are requested to join  Association of Christian Social Welfare. Membership fee is Rs 1000/- per family member for life time. Please contact the church for the forms and membership.

3) Timing of the burial service is 9 AM to 6 PM.

4) Family members of the deceased should produce the death certificate (from hospital or clinic) in original and inform the church. The church issues burial request to the cemetery attendant. Aadhar card is a must for verifying the name and address of the deceased.

5) Only Dombivli residents will be allowed for burial in the cemetery. In case of blood relation of a member of the association, double charges is payable in advance.

6) Cemetery board member of respective church takes the responsibility of deceased for the burial service. The family members of the deceased should inform the respective church member.